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Build-a-Plane Rans S6 ES Specification

Structure:  Welded steel tube, with aluminium alloy spars and tail-cone, covered with Dacron sewn skins, Lexan glazing and doors..

Engine:  Jabiru 2200cc 4-stroke 80hp at 3300rpm, driving a 2-blade wooden propellor.

Features:  Wings fold alongside fuselage and tail planes fold up to fin to give narrow storage profile.  Generous space in cockpit, with excellent useful load.

Dimensions and weights: 
Wing Span 34.5 ft; Length 20 ft; Height 9 ft  (Tricycle)
Cockpit Width 42 in to 45.5 in; Fuel Capacity 14.5 gal Imp / 65 litres 
Gross Weight 1100 lbs; Empty Weight 600 lbs 
Useful Load 500 lbs; Wing Loading 6.5 lbs; Limit Load Factors +4 -2 

Performance:  With 80 hp Rotax 912 water-cooled
Fuel consumption 15 LPH @ 80% 
Take Off Roll 190 ft;  Landing Roll 250 ft 
Rate of Climb 1000 fpm; Service Ceiling 17,000 ft
Cruise 100 mph;  VNE 120 mph 
Stall Clean 41 mph; Stall Flaps 36 mph 
Roll Rate 70 /sec; Glide Ratio 9:1 
Endurance 4.4 hrs; Range 440 miles

The Jabiru engine fitted in G-TSOB has a similar performance, and is direct drive.

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Rans S6-ES  3-axis drawings    (c) RANS


The Teams

The Rans 6 ES kit was provided by SportAir and was split into 4 sub-units for production in England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland, to make it a true UK project. 

Mostly the build teams were Air Cadets, but some Explorer Scouts were also involved at Manchester.

Fuselage:- 2301 (Heywood) Sqdn ATC and Manchester Explorer Scouts

Starboard wing:- 297 (Musselburgh) Sqdn ATC

Port wing:- 1378 (Mold) Sqdn ATC 

Tail assembly:- 817 (Lisburn) Sqdn ATC


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  Tail Assembly and Starboard Wing

The Lisburn Cadets with the tailplane frames 

The Starboard Wing kit arrives at East Fortune

The wing starts to take shape

Teamwork on the main spar


Learning the Skills - Wire-locking


Fuel Tank Installed

Finished Wing on Display

Sgt Duncan hack-sawing

Members of the Scottish Build Team with The Duke of Hamilton and Officers


Partly-built Rans at Telford Microlight Show with Alan Jackson and future pilots?


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Fuselage and Final Assembly

The sub-assemblies came together at Barton, Manchester:

Fitting out the fuselage Panel part-done
Flap selector assembled Barton Build Team

Engine Installation

Fuselage and Empennage united

 The Rollout, with some of the youngsters who built the plane

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Mobile Hangar

The Build-a-Plane Rans is stored in its own hangar, a converted BAA Airport Passenger bus, and lowered down the ramps.
 After the tailplane is folded up, the wings fold alongside the aircraft, supported by a cradle over the fuselage.  
The struts are stored alongside or below.

There's even room (just) for two pedal planes at the back, and storage for activities in the front.  This makes it possible to deliver the aircraft and everything required for a display, activities and some flying experience for Young Aviators having their first flight or more seasoned pilots.

Video showing how cadets make it look easy


Video of the Yateley School Rans S6 Project now being built


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