Activity and Web Pages

Bits and Pieces 

Somewhere to check on aircraft parts and their names.   You can test yourself here.  

There's also a written test to download.


A full aircraft panel with instruments and a description of what they do and some of their limitations.

Crossword and Wordsquare:

                    Puzzles on aircraft parts to download from  here (98Kb pdf) 
                and a crossword on weather terms from here (87 Kb).

Model Gliders and Planes

Alex's paper airplanes.  Have fun making these aircraft, but watch out for the pop-up traffic!

Rolls-Royce Gas Turbine Engines and Fuel Cells   (links below)

                    Take a trip through a jet engine, build your own jet engine or find out how a fuel cell works.
  There are other activities to try out in the RR education and teacher support pages .

USA website:  Avkids

                    Lots of aviation-related activities, teachers' pages etc. 

NASA Student website: 

                    Aviation activities for youngsters, how a plane flies, engine animations, Wright brothers game, 
                 teachers' pages and career ideas in aerospace.

Build an Airbus A340 in 2 minutes - video

                    Time-lapse film showing the A340-600 being assembled and painted.

Can a business plane do aerobatics?

                    Amazing piece of video showing engine off aerobatics, and rolling while pouring out a cup of tea



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