Aircraft Models and Toys

Pedal Planes - click here for pedal plane photos, plans and kits info

Paper Planes 
- try these sites, or just Google!:    

      Alex's paper planes   Video and several designs to try      Rules for record-breaking flights;  Paper Aircraft Association.  Wingspan record is 40 feet!

      Airbus models A380 and A350    Card cut-out models with patterns to download and print out.

Rubber Powered Models

      Squirrel   Balsa and tissue model with propellor

       Rubber Band Planes (Guinness World Records)
      Large and small fuselages and propellors, and 3 versions of  wing and tail, plus spare card to design your own.

Foam Gliders 

      Design Ideas video

Foam Plate Gliders - 

     Template for 10" (250mm) plate     Template for 9" (220mm)  plate
     If using the 9" plate it's best to use 1 cent (Europe or USA) or blu-tak  as a penny is a bit too heavy.

     Designing your own is good fun too!


Concorde -
Click for Template   Best with 10" foam plate, or reduce image size for 9" plate.

The British Model Flying Association (BMFA) has a range of kits of gliders and rubber powered planes and a simple helicopter for youngsters to build and fly.  They are available inexpensively and singly or in bulk packs for groups.  The Teachers' Pack includes some samples and curriculum linking work, and is excellent value.  Their education section website has details and prices at

Two versions of the Build-a-Plane chuck gliders are also available to download as an A4 document for printing out on card.  You just need scissors, some Blu-tak and a glue stick to build.    These have been adapted from the Aero-Glide, one the BMFA designs, and glide very well.  You can explore the effects of the rudder, ailerons and elevator on how a plane flies.  Full instructions are printed on the picture.



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