Pedal Planes


The Pedal Moth and Spitfire at the PFA Rally 2004 were popular for pedalling, if not actually flying
Rolls Racer (!), Curtis 'Tanager' and 'Patrol' seen at the Shelburne Museum, Vermont, USA
Just a few of the dozen or more Pedal planes at the Cotswold Motor Museum, Bourton-on-the-Water
There's quite a few pedal planes among the pedal cars and vintage vehicles at Bourton-on-the-Water 
in the excellent Cotswold Motor Museum.     Look for the old Mill by the stream. (...!)


This simple sit-on can be propelled by a child's feet on the floor.  With a castoring tailwheel and very simple construction it should be easy to build.

Big hand-holds in the upper wing give the child a secure grip, and the lower wing acts as a foot rest if you want to push it along.

This model was photographed in the superb 
Headquarters of the Racine (WI) Chapter of the EAA.

EAA pedal plane page details the ins and outs of plans-built pedal planes.

Aviation Products Inc. of Cedar Rapids do some fine kits with plans and the metal parts.

Aircraft Spruce do plans, and even a kit for a Biplane with rocker - beats a rocking horse!



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