Fairford '09

The Red Arrows were there of course, 

and their display base just outside the LAA tent 

ensured a steady stream of visitors for us. 


Many of the Red Arrows support team 

signed Speedy's cowling.



The Pedal Planes proved very popular 
with the smallest visitors.

There was even a time set aside 
for some races in the Arena.


It was hoped to fly-in the recently-completed 

Build-a-Plane G-SPDY, Spirit of Devon Youth, 

but the weather was poor on the planned day. 



On the Sunday, the weather was again poor 

and "Speedy" stayed in the tent instead.

The visitors got a chance to see the plane 

built by the Devon Cadets and Scouts, 

while sheltering in the tent.


While some built and flew rubber-powered 

aircraft, others made gliders 

from foam plates and sheet,

then tested their flying abilities.


Over 90 foam plates were made into gliders 

during the week-end, and another 

20 Concorde and Vulcan gliders were 

cut from foam sheet, balanced and flown.



The table got pretty crowded at times as 

the youngsters built and coloured the aircraft.


Some of the youngsters got ready for a 

career as Pilot or Air-Traffic Controller 

by practising their radio calls 

and the phonetic alphabet.



Thanks go to the many LAA Members on the stand 

who ensured the visitors were able to find out about the LAA, 

and enjoy the range of Activities.


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