Farnborough Airshow 2010

Overhead Farnborough - clearly showing the Vulcan and Devon Build-a-Plane G-SPDY (yellow) near the oval Futures Pavilions, with the Build-a-Plane bus and G-TSOB a bit less obvious alongside 


Futures Day:  

The day for school and student visits, with activities to do and a chance to grab a handful of posters and leaflets!

Bloodhound SSC  - multi-million pound project to 'drive' faster than sound





Make your own model rocket car and 
fire it with compressed air 


Richard Noble, project leader, is left of picture striding this way

The Rolls-Royce EJ200 Turbofan (as used in the Tornado) with the engineer and visitors

Bloodhound's solid fuel boosters use hydrogen peroxide as the oxidant, 
which allows them to be turned on and off by controlling the supply of peroxide

The RAeS/Boeing Schools Build-a-Plane Challenge:

The first of four projects being sponsored by Boeing-UK was on display.  This Rans S6 is being built by the Yateley School team with support from Court Moor and Kings College of Art and Technology at Guildford, with completion expected this autumn.   Build team leader John Mitchie shows off the instrument panel to some visitors.


LAA Youth & Education Support:   

The Strut was there in force with two aircraft built by scouts and cadets to sit in, pedal planes and a stand with activities for youngsters.

G-SPDY Spirit of Devon Youth with the YES Stand and G-TSOB The Spirit of Brooklands

G-SPDY built by Devon Scouts and Cadets is being shown off by Jim Gale, Project Leader

Leia is hard at work on the YES Stand helping with the foam plate glider building

Stewart Luck, UK Youth Build-a-Plane Project Leader, stands back while a photo is taken 
of a would-be pilot in the cockpit of the first project, G-TSOB The Spirit of Brooklands

The Flying Display - a small selection:

The RAF Falcons parachuting team provide an impressive display with a three-man formation, 
followed by a huge Union Flag which dwarfs the canopy of its carrier


The Lancaster with Hurricane and Spitfire of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, 
while the last flying Vulcan takes to the skies yet again
It's hard to believe that only 11 years separate the maiden flights of these two magnificent types of Avro bombers


The massive Airbus A380 shows off its low-speed manoeuvring abilities . . .


. . . and dwarfs everything else when it comes back to earth

The Red Arrows give their customary exciting display towards the end of the afternoon


So that's it from Farnborough until early July 2012,  the Olympic Year 


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