Sport and Leisure Aviation Show  (SPLASH) 

NEC 2/3 Dec 2006

The Build-a-Plane RANS was on show along with its hangar-bus and support team, 
plus Cadets from Barton, Manchester and Halfpenny-Green (Wolverhampton) Air-Scouts.

Future pilots in the cockpit of The Spirit of Brooklands, Air-Scouts with Kevin G. on hand to help, electronics constructing in the background - 
that's just part of what Build-a-Plane and PFA Education is all about.


Some of the support team:-  Stewart, Dave, Ronnie, Kevin, Ernest, Alan


Scouts queue up with their Today's Pilot goody-bags for expert help with building paper aeroplanes to designs from
Another paper plane on its way to the table-top runway,
launched by an enthusiastic scout


Sally, one of the Manchester Air Cadets, made a superb job of soldering up the circuit for an R/T Practice unit to use for training in radio procedures and phraseology.  Once finished it worked first time.


The high-point of Saturday was the presentation of two sets of SBS-1, a Virtual Radar system that uses Mode-S response signals to produce a picture of local aircraft activity. "For the first time aircraft enthusiasts worldwide are able to monitor the skies directly in an unprecedented fashion". 

     Click here for their website.

Steve Robson accepts the generous donation of two SBS-1 units from Kinetic Avionics 
on behalf of the Cadets and Scouts.

The air cadets show off the SBS-1 units and look forward to seeing what the radar picture of the planes around Manchester looks like.


Seminars were also presented explaining about the Build-a-Plane Project and how it has progressed, and a summary of PFA Education's successful year.  

Some of the Air Scouts and Cadets also had a chance to talk publicly about their achievements, aims and ambitions.

The Youth and Education Support group would like to thank the organisers of SPLASH 2006 for their generous support in allowing us the opportunity to display the RANS, the Hangar-Bus and promoting our activities at the Show.



PFA Youth & Education Strut  2006