Sun 'n Fun in Florida

    Take some pilots and aeroplanes, then add superb weather and venues 
and you get a recipe for some serious aviation fun.  


FIFI, the only airworthy B29 flying.                    Boeing Stearman camping area


Some of the activities for youngsters to do.


The Central Florida Aerospace & Technology Center shares the site with the Florida Air Museum


Harvards displaying in the daily show, while others demonstrate new helicopters.

   Alternatives to the Sun 'n Fun event itself include having a flight in a float plane from a place like Jack Browns' Seaplane Base, a few miles down the road at Winter Haven.  They run quite the friendliest training place you could ever wish to meet.

There is also a day called Splash-In, at Kermit Week's Fantasy of Flight, an amazing place with many flying exhibits, and a lot of restoration work going on.  If you like seaplanes, look further!


Splash-In at Fantasy of Flight



A Lake Amphibian taxies towards the slipway.  These are very common in the Florida lakes as they can be kept safely ashore, as well as in hangars at airfields, and land either on the water or on a runway.

Click here to see a video of this one coming ashore.
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  Flying Competitions such as water bombing targets and spot landings were also going on 

 A Grumman Duck offers relief from the Florida Sun and an Aviator poses for the camera

  Short Sunderland and GeeBee Racer share a hangar with other historic aircraft

A Kids' Activity Zone with flight simulators and a range of things to do adds fun to the museum experience. 

The first part of the tour includes a sobering walk through the trenches of World War I, followed by an equally realistic glimpse at World War II, with a superb walk through a B-17 Flying Fortress, with crew mannequins and a real feel of the cramped space endured by the aircrew in freezing conditions.  

    A Fieseler Storch and a Lockheed Super Constellation share space at the Fantasy of Flight museum

Astronaut Nicole Stott, veteran of two Space Shuttle missions, including a record-breaking stay of 91 days in space on the International Space Station, gave a fascinating account of life on the ISS at the Educators' Workshop, held in the Florida Air Museum.

Many other workshops took place on the value and use of aviation themes in the school curriculum, including practical experiment demonstrations, some very innovative paper aeroplane models, weather studies and a host of other ideas.

    Finally, click here for an impressive video of some of the Pyrotechnic Flying Display on the Friday.

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