The Popular Flying Association members and partner organisations have been successfully, safely and efficiently hosting youth groups at their events for many years.  The 2005 event is a bigger and bolder development of that experience.   We think you will enjoy your involvement and would welcome your feedback and help in the future; please keep in touch.   New volunteers are welcome.

PFA Guides are trained for your visit.  They are able to answer questions on all sorts of subjects.   They may not be experts in the particular field that you are dealing with, but the team are sure we can find an answer from somewhere, please ask.

Reasons for the visit are many; call us beforehand if you have a special aspect of the day you want covering.  Our Group Guides are citizens who we hope will be seen as role models for the youth of today, so you can help us build a better understanding of general aviation and a community spirit which holds value. 

Our activities are related to a lot of everyday life; Safety, Discipline and Order for example are spin-offs from aviation.   In the Schools’ National Curriculum, Literacy, Science, Languages, Design and Technology, History and Art are all mentioned.  Some of the topics we know you cover are Transport….. cars buses and planes come under that.   We have all those here including the history of Flight and military developments from the First and Second World Wars.  The Homebuilders’ Centre is full of Technology stuff.  We will cover how an aeroplane or other flying machine flies.   If you want it, we can cover the Atmosphere, the Science of Weather, Navigation and Geography.  We have it all here at the event.

Finding out what can be done to develop young ideas may be the stimulus needed to motivate some students.

A risk assessment has been done for the visit, a copy of which is available (downloadable, or attached).

School and youth group leaders are responsible for the behaviour of their group and must be vigilant throughout the visit.

Please remind your group that this is an active aviation site.  They are not expected to know of the dangers associated with airfield operations - that’s part of the reason we invite groups to attend – please make them aware of the airfield safety rules (downloadable or attached).   It is expected that common sense will be applied to keep everyone safe.

A policy of DO NOT TOUCH unless invited to do so is VERY IMPORTANT.   Stay well away from propellors and rotors.   Do not leave litter or debris that may damage an aircraft.    It is a simple fact that LIVES DEPEND ON THIS POLICY.

Some of the aviator’s LIFE RULES are sayings that have developed over years; they may help a novice!

 "ALL AIRCRAFT BITE FOOLS!"                                 "DON’T ASSUME, CHECK!"


Please enjoy your visit.          Stewart Luck,  PFA Education Officer

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