Airfield  Safety  Briefing

Some guidelines on behaviour, and hazards on an airfield

Stay  TOTALLY  Safe  -  stick to these Rules !

Stay with your Guide - they know a lot more about the dangers than you do;

Wear high-visibility clothing or bright colours;

Keep looking all around you  -  walk, never run;

Keep within the permitted area; no eating food among the aircraft;

Keep clear of taxy-ways and runways, unless they are closed to moving aircraft;

Never approach an aircraft with its engine running or if it's being towed;

Keep clear of propellors on fixed-wing aircraft - they can start unexpectedly if turned;

Look out for helicopter rotors, especially the tail-rotor - like propellors, rotors can easily kill;

If someone shouts "Clear Prop", it means they are about to start the engine - keep away;

If you're looking up at an aircraft in the sky, stop walking in case you fall in a hole or walk into a plane;

The safest place to approach on most aircraft is just between the wing and the tail-plane;

When walking among aircraft, take great care to avoid the bits that stick out - wings, tail-planes and fore-planes;

If walking under a high-wing aircraft, keep clear of struts, fuel-drain vents, and pitot-tubes, sharp pointed tubes that work the airspeed indicator (aircraft "speedometer");

Do not climb onto any aircraft, or touch any part of it; panels are very thin, and sometimes are just painted cloth;

Please pick up any litter (it's called FOD) - to prevent it being sucked up and damaging an aircraft.


Enjoy your close-up view safely.

If you get a chance of a flight some day, make sure you do it TOTALLY safely.


Download this as a .PDF (51KB)


   PFA Youth & Education Strut  2005