Flying  for  Fun  2005 
1-3 July, Kemble Airfield with the Popular Flying Association
News  Report 

A big thank-you to all the Schools and Scout groups who managed to make it to Flying For Fun 2005, 
and also to those orange-shirted volunteers who made it all happen.

Sorry the weather was a bit damp at times, but you all behaved well and showed interest in the aircraft and the various stands.


Resources Specific to 
Schools and Youth groups :-
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The 2005 Event: 
Site map and activities
Schools' Day  Friday 1st July:  
Information and invitation
Scouts' Day  Saturday 2nd July:
Information and invitation
Airfield Safety:
Safety leaflet   Some pointers for keeping safe
Risk Assessment
Important Information:
Message from Stewart Luck
PFA Education Officer

    Other useful links:-

PFA Flying For Fun 2005    Event organiser's website 

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Bristol Aero Collection, Kemble    The Aero Museum collection website

Kemble Airfield    Kemble Airfield website


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