Brooklands Education Conference 2010


     Over 60 people attended Brooklands museum for this successful conference. 
It was good to see some
ongoing supporters as well as a number of new faces and organisations present.   The museum made a wonderful setting and many attendees took the opportunity to look around and enjoy the engine runs of the Sopwith Camel and Demoiselle.

The following organisations made presentations:- 
Brooklands Museum Education; Youth & Education Support; Army recruiting; UK Youth Build Plane Project; RAeS/Boeing Schools Challenge; Plane Talking; BMFA Education; RAF Careers Outreach; Scouting & Aviation; Imagineering; Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) Young Members Board; British Women Pilots Association; Air Cadets; Panshanger & North London Flying School; Guild of Air Pilots & Navigators (GAPAN); Astrasim.   

Next year's conference will be 23rd April, again at Brooklands.     Full report here

Nick Sharpe, Army Air Corps, with Caroline Gough-Cooper, Chairman of the British Women Pilots Association

Alastair Graham Bryce talks with André Faehndrich about Imagineering clubs in schools

Looking at some of the resources produced by LAA Youth & Education Support


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