Air Activity Camps
An introduction to the World of Flying


What's an Air Activity camp?

It's a camp for youngsters held at an airfield, where you get to meet pilots and their planes, they teach you to navigate and learn about the weather, appreciate instruments and how to control and handle a plane.   You may also get marshalling lessons and how to use the radio.  Then you get a flight to practise the navigation and skills you've learned.  You may get to control the plane too.  Sometimes you may also be lucky enough to get a visit from a Police or Rescue helicopter, or you may do some other activities such as model making or flying model aircraft.

Where do they take place?

All over the country - a recent one was hosted in Devon by the Devon Strut, but there have been previous ones at Calcot near Cirencester and Croft Farm near Worcester (see newsletter links).  More are being planned for next year, and it is hoped to run more than 10 Air Activity camps next year.


Photos from Devon Strut    Jim Gale 2005 

Who can take part?

The camps are arranged by Scout Troops or the County Organisations, with help from local light aircraft owners, in association with the Light Aircraft Association (LAA).   You will need to be a Scout; both girls and boys are equally welcome.

Is it safe?

The pilots are all well experienced and their aircraft are fully-licensed, certificated and insured.  There is close supervision whenever near the aircraft and full safety briefings are given to crews and participants.  
Because of the camping element there are a number of extra safety considerations to consider.  There is a wealth of experience in the Scout Movement in both the residential aspect and the 'hazardous activities' area to ensure a safe and enjoyable time is had by all.

What do I get out of it?

You can gain some of your aviation badges, perhaps a Young Aviators certificate for your first flight in a small plane, an appreciation of flight and aircraft, the fun that flying can be, new friends and the pride of success in a new challenge.    You may even find it leads to a rewarding career in aviation.

How can I get to go on an Air Activity camp?

Ask about it at your local Scout Group, or 'Google' on the website to see if there's any information about one in your county.  They are pretty new, so it may take a while for someone near you to organise one.  If there isn't one being organised locally, contact the Scout Association , the Air Cadets, a local flying club or gliding club, or the Light Aircraft Association and see if they can help.  

Badges and Photos from Calcot Air Activity camp      Photos    Alan Twigg 2005

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Navigation Planning Robin Aircraft with Scouts Broussard Aircraft Briefing

Video of a Devon Scout Aviation Camp

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