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Escape from the Classroom and see the Curriculum from a different angle

Whether it is geography, science, technology, maths or simply the beauty of the skies and the novel experiences, you will find a whole new source of stimulating material to take back to the classroom, and make links with the people who can help you deliver it.  

What sort of things can I experience? 

Any new experience tends to be stimulating, and the different viewpoint offers many advantages over what you can observe from the ground. You will notice things you’ve not seen before, and feel the freedom of the sky. 

Where do the subjects come in? 

Geography: Physical landscape, towns, rivers, estuary, marine and land environments, human impact, land use, weather systems, navigation, magnetic and true bearings, map-work.

Science: Forces, acceleration, velocity, levers, moments, circular motion, aerodynamics, flight controls, instruments, sensors, fuels and oils. 

Technology: Structures and materials, production methods, cockpit systems, ergonomics and the human interface, electrical and electronic systems. 

Maths:  Flight planning, weight and balance, fuel consumption calculations, bearings, vectors. 

English and Drama:  Communications, creative writing, poetry, scenarios to enact. 

Art:  Light and shade, cloud formations, new perspective.

  The pitch of the engine, and we do try to land on the ‘piano keys’ … only kidding.  We can’t think of curriculum work involving music, but maybe you can - you’re still welcome.

Do you have teaching materials available? 
We are producing resource materials for staff and pupils in conjunction with this programme, and would be pleased to work with you to develop relevant additional activities to suit your situation.

Additionally we have a growing list of resources provided by other organisations to help you in the classroom. 


Download PDF leaflet on Fly-a-Teacher Scheme (80KB)

How can you offer a free flight?

The LAA (formerly PFA) is a long established organisation which helps amateur flyers, many of whom have built their own planes, while others own commercially-produced aircraft, but all fly simply for the fun of it.  Members are happy to share their enjoyment and enthusiasm with others, and for several years have provided youngsters with a first flight through the ‘Young Eagles’ programme, and its UK successor,  ‘Young Aviators’.    Now it’s the teachers’ turn.

What aircraft are used?

There is a considerable variety of light aircraft in use, from the ubiquitous Cessna and Piper much favoured for initial pilot training, to vintage types such as Austers, and modern composite aircraft.

They are all built to approved designs, and inspected regularly and fully certificated. 

Would I have to get to a large airport? 

 You are more likely to fly from a small airfield, maybe a farm strip or a former RAF base.  All over the country these are used by LAA aircraft, so there is sure to be one near you. 

How do I take you up on the offer? 

See the Youth & Education Support website at or e-mail us at:-
A local LAA group member will get in touch with you to arrange a mutually convenient opportunity for you to have a flight. 

In case of difficulty, please contact :-
LAA Education,
LAA, Turweston Aerodrome, Nr Brackley, Northants, NN13 5YD.

Phone:- 01280 846 786   or   email



Fly a Teacher Day, Plymouth

Jim Gale, Devon Strut of the PFA, explains what's what to a group of teachers at Plymouth Airport

The idea of the LAA Education Fly a Teacher Programme is to introduce teachers to light aircraft flying, give them a flight, and supply them with ideas and worksheets to support their classroom teaching and learning activities.

The 8 Primary school teachers at this event each had a flight, and reckoned it would help with creative writing, studies of the airport environment, local history and journey time-tables and maths calculations.

Curriculum sheets and other support materials are in course of preparation for a wide range of activities at all levels.

At the event, the Build-a-Plane Project Rans S6ES was on display to show what youngsters from the 4 'corners' of the UK had built over the past year or so.

This plane lives in a modified airport bus, and can be taken around the country to air-shows, schools and scout camps, 
where it will now be used for static display and to provide air experience flights for youngsters.


If you can support this project with funds or donations in kind,    

please e-mail Stewart Luck:     


or Dave Hall:    


Click for more information on the plane project 

        Download PDF leaflet about the Y.E.S.  Fly-a-Teacher Scheme

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