Into the Future


Electric Powered aircraft:    Yuneec

The Yuneec e430 is a lithium-battery powered light aircraft.  It has longer wings than most powered aircraft its size to take advantage of air currents to gain height and improve its performance.  As battery technology improves even further, aircraft like this will no doubt out-perform the traditional petrol engined versions.  This one is recharged from the mains electrical supply, but maybe solar panels in the wings will become common as a means of extending range and duration further.  Unmanned aircraft using solar panels already exist.


Space Plane:    Virgin Galactic

This unusual carbon fibre composite aircraft will carry a space plane under the centre of its joined wings. It will fly up to around 10 miles high, and then release the rocket powered Spaceship Two, which will accelerate to 2,500 mph and almost 70 miles high, before gliding back to land.


Space Exploration:   International Space Station

The ISS has been steadily growing through cooperation between the Americans, Russians, Japan and Europe.  Construction was started in 1998, and is scheduled to be completed in 2011.  It has been occupied continuously since the year 2000, as more and more units have been added.  There's a lot of information - the Flash program shows how the various components were assembled and what they do.

Construction of the Space Station

A Tour through The Space Station






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