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Mission Statement


The Strut is run entirely by volunteers, with no paid staff.  It is funded through public donations, grants and mainly through funds allocated by the Light Aircraft Association Educational Trust (LAAET).

The group aims to encourage young people to take part in all sorts of activities connected with aviation, through :-  

Aircraft building projects,

Training in meteorology, navigation and airmanship,

Air experience flights and Young Aviator events,

Exhibits and activities for young people at aviation shows,

Arranging talks and practical activity sessions for schools and youth groups,

Developing curriculum and classroom support,

Arranging aviation activity days for schools and aviation camps for scouts,

Providing special flights for teachers,

Maintaining an independent web-based aviation information centre for youngsters.


Build-a-Plane Projects 

The Rans S6 Coyote II of the UK Youth Build-a-Plane Project, G-TSOB ‘The Spirit of Brooklands’ was built by air-cadets and scouts, and has been on display at Farnborough Air Show four times, the London Air Show twice, Fairford Tattoo twice,  Splash Microlight Fair 4 times, the National Scout Jamboree, Dunsfold, Barton, Plymouth, the PFA Rally Kemble, and many other events around the country.

The second Youth Build-a-Plane, an X-Air Hawk G-SPDY ‘Spirit of Devon Youth’ was completed in 2009 and has been shown at Farnborough twice, Fairford Tattoo twice, SPLASH twice and local LAA Rallies.

Although not part of Y.E.S., the RAeS/Boeing sponsored Schools Build-a-Plane Challenge developed from the original idea of Youth Build-a-Planes and now has four build projects under way, with a further two schools identified for the next projects.  It uses the build as an enterprise project, emphasising the additional aspects of running a company with the plane as the product.


The organisation works closely with the Scout Association, Air Cadets and schools, maintains links with the British Model Flying Association (BMFA), and others involved with Aviation Education, and receives major sponsorship from the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) Educational Trust, among others.


The website at is a focal point for publicising aviation opportunities for youngsters and their leaders, and there is also a Yahoo group for further resources and information at for which registration is required.   A new site has been set up at and there are twitter and facebook accounts.

Further information can also be seen at


  Updated March 2012


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