Youth Aviation 

Overview and Downloads


This group develops opportunities for Aviation-related activities through:-

The Youth & Education Support Strut
- Mission Statement of the LAA Strut specialising in Youth Aviation Education            Display Leaflet         DL Leaflet for Printing
Young Aviators Scheme
 - a free flight in a light aircraft
UK Youth Build-a-Plane Projects
- building light aircraft from kits and then flying in them
Aviation Activity Camps  - weekend camps teaching navigation, meteorology and other aviation skills, with a flying exercise
Flying Event Activities for Kids - opportunities to learn more about aircraft and flying at local aviation events; various venues and dates - watch for news and  the events diary
Sponsorships and Flying Scholarships
 - information about funding and support for flying activities and careers
Special Flights for Teachers  - a chance for teachers to take a local flight in a light aircraft to enhance their lessons        Leaflet download
Classroom and Curriculum Support - help for teachers with learning materials and pilot experiences; ideas for the classroom; support worksheets 
Practical Activities and Projects  - electronics and other technology projects with links to aviation; things to make and do; ideas and support for investigations
Health & Safety Sheets
Airfield Safety Rules

- a page of simple guidelines to follow so an airfield visit stays safe 
Airfield Risk Assessment  - used for the PFA Rally 2005 - attached here without comment on suitability for your event


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