LAA Coaching Scheme
(Jon Cooke     PCS Chairman)

The Pilot Coaching Scheme, (or PCS, as it's better known) was instigated some years ago to provide specialist training that was not readily available elsewhere for LAA (formerly PFA) pilots

In the years since its inception, the scheme has expanded its boundaries to become a UK wide Organisation, with a structure of Senior Coaches and Assistant Coaches established in a regional network controlled by the office at Turweston.

The Coaches have been carefully selected for their extensive background involvement in the flying of LAA aeroplanes, and have been "standardised“ to ensure conformality of training standards and methods.

All the Assistant Coaches have also been selected for their experience and have also been standardised by the Senior Coaches.

The Coaching scheme is recognized by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, and both the Coaches and Assistant Coaches have been issued with Class Rating Instructor authorities by the CAA.

The scheme was originally established to offer specialist training courses to LAA (PFA) members, and these courses are still available.  They include Type Conversion Course, Strip Flying Course, Refresher Flying Course, a newly-available Display Flying Course and other Specialist Type Courses to suit the applicant's requirements, and the prestigious LAA Gold, Silver and Bronze Flying Diplomas.

With the instigation of the JAR PPL renewal requirements, it was necessary for the applicant to undertake, prior to the expiry of the current certificate, a one hour refresher training flight with an instructor.

To assist the LAA Pilot, who would not be particularly interested in going to an FTO (Flying Training Organisation) to undergo this one hour dual flight requirement, the PCS gained the permission of the CAA to authorise the Coaches and Assistant Coaches to conduct these training flights, and more importantly, to permit these flights to be conducted in LAA/PFA Permit aircraft, and at the minimum cost to the applicant.

This has proved to be a great success and many LAA pilot members have benefited from the experience of flying with the Coaches in either their own aircraft, or the Coach‘s aircraft to fulfil the licence renewal requirements.

LAA PCS members have also been extremely active and instrumental in the legislation and introduction of the new National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL), and are now actively working with the CAA and the other regulatory authorities to gain more privileges in the areas of NPPL Instructor Ratings, instruction from unlicensed airfields and the use of aircraft without a Public Transport C of A for instruction purposes.

If you are a Private Pilot, or considering becoming one, it is well worth your while talking to a member of the PCS Coaching Team to explore the benefits available.

Not the least of these is the concessions that some of the Aviation Insurance Companies offer to pilots who have completed PCS Courses.

 The  PCS Coaching Team can be reached through the LAA website , or phone HQ on 01280 846786.

4 When did you last practice a forced landing with an experienced instructor/coach?

4 When did you last undertake a stall/spin/slow flight exercise under supervision?

4 When did you last practise Engine Failure after Take Off (under supervision)?

4 When did you last practise short take offs/landings?

4 How about obtaining some display flying skills?

4 Have you recently tried doing a precautionary landing?

4 When did you last practise bad weather circuits?

4 How rusty is your low level navigation?



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