Flight and Technical Pages

The sorts of things you need to know to be a pilot - look for the linked topics

A resource that we hope will just keep growing

Flying  controls; how planes fly; pre-flight checks; taxying, taking-off and landing; manoeuvres; emergency actions; cross-country flying; instrument flying
Air law airworthiness, licensing and regulations; briefing; rules of the air; signs and signals; airspace and traffic zones
Navigation maps; air-space restrictions; route and fuel planning; courses and headings; drift; radio navigation; GPS
Meteorology the atmosphere; air pressure, humidity and temperature; winds; clouds; weather patterns; charts and forecasting
Communication and ATC radio calls; ATC service; departure, en-route and arrival calls; emergency calls
Aircraft Technical airframe components and their effects; engine systems; instruments; flight performance; weight and balance
Human Performance medical and psychological factors; teamwork; cockpit layout; safety equipment


An excellent website with lots of helpful information on this is www.pilotfriend.com  

Details of an Aviation College On-line Course from the USA is at www.aeroscholars.org  

A useful forum group for students and PPLs is www.ukga.com - you won't get laughed at here; it's very friendly!




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